We are an accounting firm dedicating services to charities and non-profit organisations

Empower your Mission

We’ll take care of your Financial Management & Accounting

You can focus on your charity’s core mission

Our Services are Tailored to Your Organisation's Needs

Day-to-Day Accounting

Financial Management

Back-Office Tasks

Regulatory Compliance

Virtual Finance Director

Why Us?

We Specialise in Charity, Non-profit Organisations & Social Enterprises​

Our history supporting a wide-range of charity clientele means we know charities’ unique financial management & compliance needs.

Our staff have diverse experience in supporting charities’ financial needs.


Discover your benefits with us

By outsourcing to Charity Accounting Service, we promise your organisation:

More Time To Focus On Your Core Mission​

Save valuable hours to advance your cause while we handle the numbers.

Instant Access To Expert Knowledge

Tap into instant advice from specialists to ensure financial clarity every step of the way.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Enjoy cost-effective strategies tailored to your charity's needs.

Charities we've supported

We’ve helped numerous charities stay in control of their finances.