We are an accounting firm dedicating services to charities and non-profit organisations

We are an accounting firm dedicating services to charities and non-profit organisations

we grew within charity

Our story

Charity Accounting Services was founded with the mission to make life easier for charities. Since we founded over 20 years ago, we have provided charities accounting services and back-office administration.

Our Specialist Charity Finance Director

Charity Accounting Services was founded almost 20 years ago, by our Finance Director, Golam Morshed. Morshed started his career as a frontline finance staff for numerous charities before establishing his own charity-specialised accounting firm.

Charity Accounting Services was set up to consult charities on strategic financial management. Our vast experience in the charity sector has made our team well-equipped to assist your organisation.

We exist to support your financial and business needs

Charity Accounting Services was set up to consult charities on strategic financial management. 

At Charity Accounting Services, we believe that client communication should be at the heart of account outsourcing.

You Can Expect:

  • regular communication & meetings
  • full attention of our staff for your needs
  • services and advice relevant to your organisation’s needs

Discover your benefits with us

By outsourcing to Charity Accounting Service, we promise your organisation:

More Time To Focus On Your Core Mission​

Save valuable hours to advance your cause while we handle the numbers.

Instant Access To Expert Knowledge

Tap into instant advice from specialists to ensure financial clarity every step of the way.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Enjoy cost-effective strategies tailored to your charity's needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our full accounting services include bookkeeping, payroll, management accounts, donors’ reports, attending meetings, and producing annual accounts and trustees reports of the Charity Commission.

Ultimately, you decide what services your organisation requires. If your needs change over time, we will adapt our strategy to accommodate your new needs.

Benefits of Outsourcing Include:

  • Guaranteed Cost Reduction
  • Instant access to help at all times
  • Access to accounting and charity finance expertise without needing and training an in-house team.
  • No commitment to long term staff costs
  • Annual return to HMRC will be done free of charges.
  • Access to effective and up-to-date accounting technologies without any investment
  • Increased flexibility with changing needs.
  • Financial management advice in line with industry developments.
  • Secure copies of all accounting documents in case of misplacement or referral.
  • Access to regular training events.

When you submit an enquiry, we’ll go through the following onboarding steps:

  1. We set up a meeting, whether in-person or online, to understand your accounting and organisational context. In this meeting, we will identify document flow and revise/develop relevant forms to process accounting information.
  2. You will send us documents regularly, either on a weekly or monthly basis, which we will secure on a cloud server. Processing your documents will take around two days.
  3. We will send Management Accounts alongside other relevant information, for example, an updated copy of the full ledger or payslips, within the 5th day of the next month.
  4. We will also have regular meetings with you based on a pre-determined timescale. You can contact us any time for clarification for any internal financial or outsourcing concerns.

We use the latest softwares like QuickBooks, XERO, SAGE and others. You do not need to invest in buying and purchasing software as well as relevant hardware.


In situations where you already have in-house accounting staff, we will simply fill in the gaps and provide services or advice in areas where in-house skills and availability of staff are not adequate. In a few situations, we act as a sounding board for the chief executive.

We help charities of all sizes.

From our experience, smaller charities struggle to get effective and relevant accounting services. For these charities, investing in training and accounting technologies is difficult, so our services will help these save costs and time.

Charity Accounting Services offers cloud-based accounting services, so we mostly operate remotely or at our premises. In the case where you require services to be carried out at your office, we can arrange that at a higher cost than our regular services.

Each organisation have different needs, so we plan our regular meetings and timescales in line with your individual needs. In these meetings, we review our services, their impact on your organisation and any improvements we can make to our strategy.

You can contact us at any time in our working hours. 

Our notice period for cancellation is three months to ensure a smooth handover

You can contact us at any time in our working hours. 

If you are unsatisfied with our services, you can cancel our partnership.

In the first two months, you can cancel without notice. We guarantee not only to make a full refund of your two-month fee, but we will also pay you an additional one-month fee as our goodwill. After two months, you can cancel our services with two months notice.

Charities we've supported

We’ve helped numerous charities stay in control of their finances.